Flipclip apk Download | Best app to create stunning and fluid animations

Flipaclip is a mobile app that allows users to create animated videos by recording their voice and drawing pictures on the screen.

The app is designed for kids, but it can be used by adults as well. Users can record their voice and draw pictures on the screen with a pencil tool or an eraser tool, which will become an animation when they flip through frames. They can also import images from their camera roll or from the internet to add them to their animations.


The Flipaclip app has a free version and a paid version with more features like sound effects, music library and more frames per second for recording videos.

Flipaclip for android is a 2D animation app that allows you to create animated videos with ease. It is not just an animation tool, but also a place where you can share your animations and get feedback from the community.

The app has a free trial version. You can download it for free and use it for as long as you want to see if it suits your needs.

Flipaclip app features

Flipaclip is an animation app that has a lot of features for 2D animation. It allows you to create animations by using rame-by-frame technique or by using the Animation Editor.

The Animation Editor is a powerful tool that lets you animate characters, backgrounds, and props in your video. You can also create custom animations with Flipaclip’s library of assets.

Flipaclip is a 2D animation app that provides features for animations that are not found in other animation tools. It provides the ability to create animations using frame-by-frame and also lets you animate any object or shape.

The Animation Editor is one of the most important features in Flipaclip because it allows users to animate any object or shape. It includes a timeline with key frames for every frame, as well as an easy-to-use color picker, and keyboard shortcuts for quick editing.

Animation layers

In this app, you can use up to 3 layers for free! When you buy the pro version though, you can use up to 10 layers. These layers allow you to create multi-functional and complex animation sequences like never before. There is option to even add more layers that you need in this app. Because of this, you can create more stunning masterpieces!

Animation tools

This app also features tools that makes animating easy. There’s an animating tool called Onion skin, frames viewer, and more! You can also overlay grids to guide your animation. Everything in here was designed to make your animation experience even easier! Now, you don’t have to pay for expensive animation software just to create these stunning ones.

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