Puffin TV Browser for Android TV

Actually this is a special edition for the users of the android TV. There are main three tasks performed by this TV browser. Those are,

  • Watching the videos.
  • Listening to music.
  • Surfing on the Internet.

This is an app that is famous worldwide. So that it has finished about 1,000,000 downloads so far. Cloudmosa, Inc. I have to tell you that Puffin TV-Browser is the best web video watching app. Puffin TV browser is designed especially for the Android TV.

I could tell you that you can get a better experience with the puffin TV browser. You will experience fast web pages loading that other ordinary browser. You know that there are wide varieties of browsers out there. But among them this is the fastest browser for Android TV.

The performance of this app is noticeable among the other people because of the working speed of the app. You know the procedure and the interface of the Web browsers. Those can be known as traditional web browsers. But the puffin TV browser is different from the features of a traditional one. To identify such Features I’ll tell you an example.

This web browser has recommended list of sites for Android TV users. There are many features newly added to ease web browsing using your TV. Because typing is not feasible when you are using TV remote. Now I think you are able to get some brief idea about the app.

The app can be considered as a communication app. Although this app is providing its functions for free totally just like Google Chrome. To work with the above app you have a device with android 5.0 or a greater version.

Then I think next we have to pay our attention to the features of the puffin TV browser.

Features of the puffin TV browser

  • Loading is very speed.
  • Optimization of the playing back of videos.
  • Amazing navigation design of the app.
  • You can share any page by another device.
  • You can experience more Web accessing.
  • The fast engine of javascript.
  • Can use totally free.
  • The ads are present but those are placed by the app developer.
  • The users out of the US can’t access the puffin TV browser because of the location errors.
  • Some of the countries have blocked this app from their regions.
  • This is related for the 3+.
  • This is not a traditional browser.

Below describe two mainly focused features. In order to know more about this app you can easily download this app from Filelinked since Puffin TV browser no longer available for Android TV users via Play Store.

User friendly

  • You can enjoy your favorite sites and other web pages here.
  • Although this app runs some automatic process like recommending websites
  • Sharing option is even very easy

Working speedily

  • This is a very active app
  • Therefore it works faster than the other ones
  • It quickly responds to the commands

Those are the main features of an app like this. Apart from that there are some features that have been added recently to the puffin TV browser.

Newly Added Features

  • The rendering engine has upgraded.
  • The excited bugs have fixed.
  • You could see some minor improvements in the app.

Now you know what you wanted to know as a user. Then after that we will see the advantages and disadvantages that we could face by using the puffin TV browser.

Advantages of puffin TV browser

  • Providing more experience while using the web
  • Highly attractive loading speed
  • Experience of snappy javascript
  • Optimization of the video

Disadvantages of the puffin TV browser

  • Puffin TV-Browser is not supported to every region
  • This is not school friendly browser
  • That is restarting most of the times
  • Lacking browsing features

That is all about the puffin tv browser.. I told you about how this works. And the main features even. After that we paid our attention to the pros and cons of the app. Then finally we have discussed two significant features. So I think you got more knowledge out of the above facts.

Download and install Puffin TV browser

Recently this browser was removed from Play Store for Android TV. It is still available for Android phones and tablets. However there is a high chance of having this app back on Play Store for Android TV. Till then installing this app make require some extra steps. Below listed some articles on how to install this browser TV app.

How to install Puffin TV browser on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
How to install Puffin TV browser on Android TV.

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