ShareMe APK Download | File Sharing and Data Sharing app for Android devices

You might have much trouble when trying to transfer any kind of file from one device to another from Bluetooth don’t you? If so, ShareMe is an ideal application for you to transfer unlimited files within few minutes easily.

What is ShareMe?

ShareMe is a p2p file transfer app. And this is the first ever sharing app globally. You do not have to transfer the files you require through a more traditional way such as using a cable.

You can easily transfer files within few minutes wirelessly.

Now let’s talk about the special features the application has,

  • Any kind of file can be shared such as Images, videos, music and other files and etc. This helps you share file anywhere and anytime without any trouble.
  • No need of network connection to share any file. You can freely transfer the files without the internet.
  • The application also considers about the user privacy and security, you do not need to worry about the files you are sharing to.
  • Best thing of all is that you can share any thing 100 times faster than the Bluetooth. When you are trying to share 1 file for so many minutes from Bluetooth. The application enables you to share unlimited amount of files for seconds.
  • So, this application is made to android smart phones. You can get this application from the google play store for only 6.2 MB. And there is no subscription payment to be done to purchase or download this application it is absolutely free to download.
  • The interface is much clean and user friendly to the users as it is not complicated, the user finds all the options available in the application. Eye catching interface.
  • If by any chance while transferring by any error if it got stopped you can resume the transfer from where you stopped. you do not have to re do it again.
  • This is supported with many languages not only English.
  • There are much more benefits by using this application.

How to download ShareMe APP

Now you might be very interested to know, how to download the application after reading the features. Well, this is how you can download this application.

There is nothing as complicated you only have to follow following simple steps.

  1. Visit to the google play store
  2. Search for the Application ShareMe.
  3. Download and Install.
  4. And enjoy.

Another way is that search for the application in web and you will find many other ways to download this.

ShareMe Download for PC


To install ShareMe app for any PC you have to follow the below steps. For this process you have to download an android emulator for your PC. We recommend you to download Nox Player.

  1. Download and install the Nox player android emulator on your PC from the official website.
  2. Now login to your google play account through nox player.
  3. Now you can download ShareMe app from the google playstore or you can download ShareMe apk from the official website.
  4. Follow the installation steps and install it correctly.
  5. Now you can enjoy ShareMe on your PC with Nox player emulator.

Moreover, if we talk about downloading the application from the PC. You are able to download if you have a PC version of as Windows 7/8/8.1 & 10. If you get this application to the PC, you can share files from PC to Pc and also PC to android mobile phone as well.

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